Proper nutrition for youth athletes goes beyond just eating the right things before, during, and after a game. Real TrueSport athletes properly fuel themselves for their seasons year-round. However, with so much information out there, we know figuring out what to feed your little stars can be confusing. But a well-balanced diet for growing youth athletes doesn’t have to be difficult. TrueSport makes diet for youth sport easy to understand with our collection of articles from the experts. For more nutrition resources, check out our TrueFood facts, recipes, and tips at


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How to Fuel a Picky Eater

How to Fuel a Picky Eater It can be a frustrating to have a picky eater at home, but even more problematic is the fact that a young athlete’s desire to only eat French fries and mac and cheese might mean they are missing out on key macro and micro-nutrients. Data suggests that being a…