Proper nutrition for youth athletes goes beyond just eating the right things before, during, and after a game. Real TrueSport athletes properly fuel themselves for their seasons year-round. However, with so much information out there, we know figuring out what to feed your little stars can be confusing. But a well-balanced diet for growing youth athletes doesn’t have to be difficult. TrueSport makes diet for youth sport easy to understand with our collection of articles from the experts. For more nutrition resources, check out our TrueFood facts, recipes, and tips at


Fueling Young Athletes for Long Summer Days

Avoid the Crash: Fueling Young Athletes for Long Summer Days For youth athletes, the longest days of the year involve day-long tournaments, two-a-day practices, tough conditioning camps, and generally being out in the heat from sun up to sun down. Long summer days make an athlete’s food and fluid demands much different than during colder,…

Getting Enough Protein w/o Meat?

Q: My child isn’t a huge meat eater; how can I make sure she’s getting enough protein? A: Great question and an important one, as protein is the key macronutrient—a type of food required in the human diet—for growing muscles to both recover and repair after a practice. Ellie Kempton, MSN, RD, owner of Simply…