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Not Ready for Testing but still want to

Support Clean Sport?

After exploring the services that USADA can offer, not sure you are ready to commit to drug-testing at your event? There are other ways you can support and promote clean sport at your event and through your own sporting community.

1. Provide your athletes with information on and links to:

2. Include a notice in your event paperwork that notes that ‘testing may occur’ at the event. Contact USADA for help in drafting language specific to your sport or event.

3. Include an anti-doping policy in your event rules and on your website that include the following key points:

  • A statement about your organization’s opposition to doping
  • The rules that your sport follows regarding anti-doping – Are these your sport federations rules, or are you a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Code?
  • What you aim to achieve with the development of an anti-doping policy
  • Anti-Doping education links to WADA or USADA, as appropriate

Examples of sport federations who have created anti-doping policy pages on their websites with the assistance of USADA include:

4. Support TrueSport, USADA’s clean sport initiative dedicated to promoting a positive youth sport experience that helps young athletes build the life skills and core values for success on and off the field.

5. Consider providing education to your athletes and athlete support personnel for a period of time prior to making a commitment to testing; or host an educational booth at an event.

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