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Sportsmanship Starts Outside of Sports

Sportsmanship Starts Outside of Sports 6 Ways Parents Can Teach Sportsmanship…Even If You Don’t ‘Get’ Sports When adults talk about how to model and teach sportsmanship, we often compartmentalize the discussion to sport. After all, it’s in the word: sports-man-ship. When you take a step back, however, sportsmanship is good behavior and communication in any…

examples of sportsmanship

6 Great Examples of Sportsmanship

6 Great Examples of Sportsmanship We all can probably think of a few famous examples of great sportsmanship off the top of our heads. Some of these are probably older stories we have lectured our youth athletes about time and time again over the years. But good sportsmanship isn’t something that should be refined to…

pursuing excellence through sportsmanship

Excellence Through Sportsmanship

Pursuing Excellence Through Sportsmanship Is there a difference between “winning” and “striving to win”? If you ask author David Light Shields, the answer is a definitive ‘yes’. Founder and executive director of non-profit TrueCompetition.org and author of True Competition: A Guide to Pursuing Excellence in Sport and Society, Shields recently spoke to TrueSport about the relation…