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Nutrition Guide
Reach Your Peak Performance Naturally

Sport is supposed to be competitive. Athletes want to win, and want to perform at their best. Performance-enhancing drugs, however, should never be the answer, as they cheat the integrity of the game, opponents, fans, and athletes themselves. They also pose a very real danger to those who use them. They can lead to some very scary health consequences and, in some cases, are deadly.

Fortunately, for the overwhelming majority of athletes who choose to compete clean, athletes can still strive to reach peak performance honestly and with integrity. In addition to practicing hard, proper sleep, and recovery, athletes have long known that adding optimal dietary and hydration methods to their daily routines will allow them to get the most out of their bodies.

In consultation with registered dietitians, USADA and its TrueSport program provide an optimal dietary intake guide for those looking to reach their full potential naturally.

Nutrition Guide Sections


Dietary Fat

Vitamins, Minerals, & Other Supplements

Fluids & Hydration


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