Success in sports is largely determined by what is done long before a practice or game even begins. Our videos and articles from preparation experts will teach you and your athletes how to prepare to perform their best, every time.


Ask the Expert: How Coaches Build Cohesive Teams

Ask the Expert: How Coaches Build Cohesive Teams, with Sports Psychologist Roberta Kraus, Ph.D.   One of the confusing and challenging conversations in education and youth sports centers on whether teaching and coaching should be gender-blind, or whether there are scientifically valid reasons girls and boys should be coached differently. Sports psychologist and TrueSport Expert, Roberta…

Preparing To Support Your Youth Athletes

Roberta Kraus, Ph.D. is a sport psychologist that has worked with everyone from corporate leaders to professional and Olympic athletes. The president of the Colorado-based Center for Sports Psychology, she recently gave a talk to the youth sport parents of the Colorado Summit Volleyball club on how to best support their athletes in their burgeoning…

How to exercise while on vacation

How to Exercise While on Vacation

How to Exercise While on Vacation Summer may mean it’s time for swimsuits, sandals, and sunglasses, but it doesn’t mean it’s time for athletes to completely drop their workout routines, either. While summer is a time for rest and relaxation, it’s also a great time for youth athletes to start preparing themselves for their next…

preparation for youth sports

Preparing For Youth Sports

Physical & Mental Preparation For Youth Sports How an athlete performs is dependent on many things, but especially upon how they go about physically and mentally preparing for game time. While many believe that the physical aspects of performance (such doing drills, warming up, and conditioning) are most important, physical and mental preparation for youth…


Why Preparing Begins With Eating

Why Preparing Begins With Eating Eating for peak performance isn’t rocket science, but it does take some take some trial and error. No one knows this better than Olympic swimmer and TrueSport Ambassador Elizabeth Beisel, who always takes time to eat the foods that will help her most in the pool.