Success in sports is largely determined by what is done long before a practice or game even begins. Our videos and articles from preparation experts will teach you and your athletes how to prepare to perform their best, every time.


Competing Well Begins With The Way You Think

Top 5 Benefits of Mental Preparation for Youth Athletes How well athletes perform has much to do with how well they prepare beforehand, both physically and mentally. While it’s easier to stress the physical aspects of preparation (like dynamic stretching, warming up, and staying hydrated) coaches should not underestimate the impact that good mental preparation…

Pre-Game Hydration For Youth Athletes FAQ

Pre-Game Hydration For Youth Athletes FAQ Pre-exercise hydration can be a confusing topic for youth sports parents and coaches. Most people know that it is important, but the specifics of ‘why’ are murky.  “How much water should my athletes be drinking before practices and games?”, “When should they start and stop drinking fluids before competing?”,…


Why Preparing Begins With Eating

Why Preparing Begins With Eating Eating for peak performance isn’t rocket science, but it does take some take some trial and error. No one knows this better than Olympic swimmer and TrueSport Ambassador Elizabeth Beisel, who always takes time to eat the foods that will help her most in the pool.